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Animal Removal Services

Animal Removal Services In Los Angeles

Animal Trapping , Animal Removal , Animal Removal Services

When it comes to Animal Removal in Los Angeles, Active Animal Trapping in Los Angeles specializes in all forms of animal trapping and animal removal. Whether it's raccoons in your yard, skunks under your house or rodents scratching on the ceiling above your head while you're sleeping , Active Animal Trapping can trap and remove any animal that is causing you problems .

Raccoon Trapping & Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal , Animal Removal Animal Trapping Skunk Removal Skunk Trapping Dead Animal Removal

Raccoons are highly intelligent and curious creatures, but they can also be a nuisance to any homeowner. These nocturnal mammals can destroy gardens , and can cause structural damage in search of food. We specialize in all forms of Raccoon Removal and Raccoon Trapping in the Los Angeles area. 

Skunk Trapping & Skunk Removal

Raccoon Removal , Animal Removal Animal Trapping Skunk Removal Skunk Trapping Dead Animal Removal

  Skunks become active in the spring as they search for a mate , and in the summer while they try to locate food. You may notice the black and white creatures under decks, sheds, storage buildings, houses and cabins. Skunk removal through skunk trapping can prevent skunks from causing damage and spraying pets or family members. We are experts when it comes to skunk removal in Los Angeles because we understand methods used in trapping skunks and removing them from your home. 

Gopher Removal & Gopher Control

Raccoon Removal , Animal Removal Animal Trapping Skunk Removal Skunk Trapping Dead Animal Removal

  Gophers can be very tricky and frustrating , I have a working knowledge of how they live underground and how to end the problem. When I come out , I do the inspection and find the best places to set the traps in order to trap the gopher and solve the problem. I don't charge you for the traps either like other companies do and I normally come back once a week to clean out the traps until the gopher problem is solved .

Rodent Control , Rodent Removal , Rodent Trapping

Raccoon Removal , Animal Removal Animal Trapping Skunk Removal Skunk Trapping Dead Animal Removal

   Two species of rats are most prevalent in North America - the Norway Rat and the Roof Rat , both of which cause significant damage to homes and businesses. If you hear scratching , gnawing , or scurrying in the walls and the ceilings , I know how to find their access points , close them up permanently and set traps for the remaining rodents professionally and efficiently.


Animal Removal Specialists

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Why Active Animal Trapping ?

When it comes to animal removal services in Los Angeles, you can find a plethora of different companies that provide the same services. The funny thing is the majority of the companies are owned by people that all used to work for the same company , including myself. Suffice to say the majority of the different company owners you will find, have the same relative skill level when it comes to animal removal services in Los Angeles. What separates Active Animal Trapping from all the other companies is not only cost , but thoroughness. As the owner of Active Animal Trapping , i'm not just the person answering the phone , but im also the person that actually shows up to do the work , because of which , you get a more thorough inspection as well as experience when it comes to solving your animal removal needs. Another upside to having an owner that actually is the one doing the work is that the cost is much less. The majority of these companies have an individual pouring money into advertising trying to get your attention , then they send out a new guy or trainee that's still trying to figure it out, whom at the end of the day has to split half of all money generated with the owner, so the cost tends to get higher and there are alot of hidden fees and upselling involved. I tend to let my reviews speak for myself , I manage my own website , I dont pour a bunch of money into advertising with sites that have been previously optimized and pay them for " leads " like a lot of these other companies do. What you get when it comes to Active Animal Trapping , is an owner operator who prides himself on being reasonably priced , honest , fair , thorough , dedicated and most importantly I have the experience to figure out any problem you may come across , and if I can't figure it out , I wont charge you. I pride myself on having experience when it comes to all forms of wildlife removal , and im confident i can solve your problem when it comes to animal removal in Carson, animal removal in Compton, animal removal in Long Beach, animal removal in Gardena, animal removal in Hawthorne, animal removal in Lomita, animal removal in Harbor City, animal removal in Wilmington, animal removal in Torrance, animal removal in Redondo Beach, animal removal in Hermosa Beach, animal removal in Manhattan Beach, animal removal in Walteria, animal removal in Palos Verdes, animal removal in San Pedro, animal removal in Rolling Hills, animal removal in Lawndale, animal removal in Lakewood and of course all forms of wildlife removal and animal removal in Los Angeles. 

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