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Animal Trapping

Every state is different from each other and has different laws and regulations and that also applies to animal trapping laws. One astonishing fact about California is that even though many companies advertise relocation ,relocating wildlife is illegal. All animals must be euthanized or released within 300 feet of the site that they were trapped. That's why when I come out to set up traps for animals I do my very best to secure the problem area so that the animals can be released with confidence , knowing that they will not be able to get back into the area they were inhabiting.

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Live Animal Removal

Sometimes animals get into areas such as your house through the dog door , your basement or even your attic and they are able to be removed on the spot. Since they were not trapped , we are able to secure the area so they cannot get back in and send them on their way. This is what is known as a live animal removal in the industry and the prices vary depending on level of difficulty.

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Dead Animal Removal

Unfortunately , animals can wiggle their way into the tightest of spaces , and sometimes they die in your home. Not only do they cause a very foul odor , but they can also bring disease depending on the situation. I specialize in not only locating the dead animals but removing them , sanitizing , and sealing the area . Usually the pricing you get with Active Animal Trapping is below what other companies will charge you just to come out and look.

Attic Cleanup & Restoration Services


Attic Cleanup , Feces Removal & Sanitization

Unfortunately , one of the realities of dealing with animals that have gotten into your attic , or under your home is that they tend to do a large amount of damage to your property and the structure itself. I've seen animals destroy entire hvac duct systems, tear out the linings of the under belly in mobile homes, rip through drywall, and completely decimate your attic insulation with defecation and urination. In some of those situations , I can fix and solve the problem. In some of those situations when the damage is very bad , and beyond my scope of capabilities , I work hand in hand with another Top Rated & Customer Service Oriented company known as A-Team Services, Inc. They are always able to get the jobs done that I can't, professionally , efficiently and usually in major situations at little or no money out of pocket to the homeowner. Rest assured that no matter what the scope of destruction that I come across upon inspection, we can get the problem solved and remedied.

Dead Animal Removal

This video is a good example of a difficult dead animal removal. It took me about an hour to locate the source of the smell , and once I did the rodent was in an inaccessible spot. With determination and perseverance I was finally able to get the dead animal removed and everything went back to normal.

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