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Specializing in Animal Trapping & Removal and being an animal trapper in Los Angeles , on the Palos Verdes Peninsula , in Torrance and in the entire South Bay & Harbor Areas is extremely rewarding and I am very proud to serve the community that I actually live in.  From raccoon removal in Gardena , raccoon trapping in Torrance , or removing raccoons from inside of a house in San Pedro , I always feel grateful to be able to help the people around me . I drive up 25th st for some type of animal trapping in Palos Verdes on what seems to be a regular basis . Then it's  down Hawthorne for skunk trapping in Torrance , then to opossum removal in redondo beach , rodent removal in hermosa beach , and there's always animal trapping in manhattan beach as well . I am grateful and proud to be able to help people around the harbor area . I serve all the following areas when it comes to any form of animal trapping or animal removal. Long Beach , Downey , Gardena , Carson , Lomita , Wilmington , Harbor City , Torrance , Palos Verdes , Rolling Hills , Redondo Beach , Manhattan Beach , Hermosa Beach , El Segundo , Lawndale , Hawthorne , Lakewood , and of course I always provide animal trapping and animal removal services in San Pedro , where I live. Iam locally owned and operated , and I am passionate about not only bringing you better service than some of the larger companies , but better pricing as well.

Skunk Removal In Manhattan Beach

skunk removal in manhattan beach

I provide skunk removal and skunk trapping services in Manhattan Beach pretty regularly. I don't know why but it seems like skunks are always getting into people's yards and under their houses in Manhattan Beach . As you can see by the photo , I am comfortable and confident when dealing with skunks. Whether by hand or by trap , when it comes to skunk removal in manhattan beach I definitely look forward to solving your problem. 

Raccoon Removal In Palos Verdes

Raccoon Removal , Raccoon Trapping In Palos Verdes

Many times you will find raccoons in your yard , raccoons under your house , raccoons in your attic and sometimes even inside of your actual house. This raccoon and his family have been terrorizing the residents of an apartment complex in Palos Verdes for quite some time . When it comes to Raccoon Removal in Palos Verdes , I definitely know how to remove raccoons .

Animal Removal In Los Angeles

Raccoon Removal In Los Angeles / Raccoon Trapping

Raccoon Removal In Los Angeles

There are all types of raccoon removal situations that I stumble across , but this one was a little different . A young raccoon got her head stuck in a chain link fence , and the mother raccoon and her brother were staying close to her. The mother raccoon was growling at anyone that came close . I was able to get out , remove the raccoon humanely and send her on her way with her family.  Not only do we specialize in raccoon removal , and raccoon trapping , but apparently we also specialize in rescuing raccoons from the funny situations they can get themselves in.

Skunk Removal In Los Angeles

Skunk Removal In Los Angeles

I had a nice lady contact me about a skunk that had somehow gotten itself trapped in her yard . She had just had knee surgery and couldnt move quickly so she was very nervous about going outside . I arrived at the house and found that the skunk had moved from the last location she had seen it at but it was most certainly still in the yard . After looking for the skunk in her yard for a few minutes , I found it hiding in the corner under a big bougainvillea bush. Sometimes I am able to remove skunks with my bare hands , but this particular skunk removal called for a catch pole. I was able to remove the skunk humanely , and bring peace of mind to a very happy customer . That always feels good.

opossum removal , animal removal . animal trapping

Opossum Removal In Manhattan Beach

I got a call early one morning from a nice gentleman who said that there was an opossum in his shower. I thought it was strange , because this is not the first time ive had to deal with opossums trying to bathe in peoples houses , but with opossum removals , I normally dont try to figure out how they got where they are , I just do my best to remove the opossum. I got out and saw that the opossum was in a shower with a high glass door , and I couldnt even imagine what he was doing in there. I was able to remove him by hand , and let him go out on the sidewalk so tht he could scurry along on his way. I am very good at all types of opossum removals , whether opossum trapping , or removing them by hand. Normally though , I tell my customers not to be too worried about opossums because they manage the rodent population , and dont really bother anybody , unless they come in to your house without knocking.

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