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Gopher Removal In Los Angeles


 Pocket gophers are burrowing rodents. They are commonly known for their extensive tunneling activities and the havoc that they wreak on lawns , yards and landscaping , including destruction of underground utility cables, water lines, sprinkler systems and irrigation pipes. There are different methods of trapping gophers and removing gophers from your lawn. I provide a gopher trapping service , where I physically remove the gophers and continue with follow up visits once the activity ceases and the gopher problem is solved. In some cases you might need to contact someone who is licensed for poison applications when the gopher problem is extremely widespread , but normally I can solve your gopher problems with gopher trapping.

Gopher Trapping

   Gopher problems can be very tricky and frustrating . I am very good at gopher removal , and I have a working knowledge of how they live underground and how to end the problem. When I come out , I do a thorough inspection of the affected area , and I come up with a strategy of where the best places to set the traps are in order to trap and remove  the  gophers. It normally takes a few visits to completely eradicate gophers, but with hard work , patience and determination , I can normally solve your gopher problem .