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  When it comes to trapping raccoons in Los Angeles, look no further than Active Animal Trapping . We specialize in all forms of animal trapping & animal removal. Raccoons tend to be extremely destructive, and troublesome. We specialize in all forms of raccoon trapping. Whether its trapping raccoons in your yard, trapping raccoons on your roof, trapping raccoons in your attic, or trapping raccoons under your house, Active Animal Trapping is the animal trapping service for you. We also tend to have the best pricing you will find in the South Bay and Santa Clarita areas of Los Angeles. When other companies claim they will " beat any competitors price ", they're usually talking about us .   

Raccoon Removal Services

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Raccoons In Attics

Raccoons can get into your attic and cause a number of problems. Depending on what time of year it is there can also be baby raccoons in the attic, along with an adult female. The young are usually hidden and helpless in a nesting area of the attic, and can't be trapped. They must be removed by hand. Active Animal will come out, do an inspection and figure out the best possible way to remove the raccoons in your attic , and resolve your raccoon removal problem. We pride ourselves in removing raccoons from your attic without charging a bunch of additional expenses.

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Raccoon Evictions

 Raccoon Evictions are a great tool for removing raccoons from your attic, but it will only work in the case of a female raccoon in an attic with young, and even then, it won't work all the time. For some people without experience, it won't work at all. It won't work in any other circumstance, and there's no such thing as a general all-purpose raccoon repellant . In the event that it doesn't work i will do it the normal way - find the litter of baby raccoons and remove them by hand, and then use them to trap the mother raccoon. 

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Raccoon Removal

Active Animal Trapping is experienced in removing raccoons from your attic , under your house and in your home. We have the low cost guarantee where the setup and removal of raccoons , whether by trap or by hand will always be more reasonably priced than our competitors , and our service will always be more professional and compassionate as well .

Raccoon Removal

Racoon Evictions are saturating the kits and nesting area with a solution of repellents and male raccoon pheromone. When this is done properly , the female raccoon , or sow , will remove the kits from the nesting area and move them to a safer place out of fear for their safety. Once the raccoons have been evicted from the attic , the attic can be sealed so that the raccoons do not return.

Raccoon Removal

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