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Sometimes in Long Beach you find yourself in a situation where unwanted wildlife finds its way into your home. Sometimes the animal can be removed on site, sometimes traps must be set in attempt to trap and remove the nuisance wildlife. When it comes to animal trapping in Long Beach , look no further than Active Animal Trapping in Los Angeles. At Active Animal Trapping , we specialize in all forms of Los Angeles animal removal, and animal trapping in Los Angeles, raccoon trapping in Los Angeles, skunk trapping in Los Angeles, opossum trapping in Los Angeles, and rodent trapping in Los Angeles as well. We are a small , locally owned animal trapping service , and our experience and pricing cannot be beat. Our main concern is solving your animal trapping problem permanently, efficiently, and at the most reasonable price you will find.

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Raccoon Removal In Long Beach

Raccoon Trapping

 When it comes to trapping raccoons in Long Beach , look no further than Active Animal Trapping . We specialize in all forms of animal trapping & animal removal. Raccoons tend to be extremely destructive, and troublesome. We specialize in all forms of raccoon trapping. Whether its trapping raccoons in your yard, trapping raccoons on your roof, trapping raccoons in your attic, or trapping raccoons under your house, Active Animal Trapping is the animal trapping service for you. We also tend to have the best pricing you will find in the south bay area of Los Angeles. When other companies claim they will " beat any competitors price ", they're usually talking about us . 

Raccoon Removal In Long Beach

 There are two primary forms of raccoon removal when the raccoon is not being trapped. There are live raccoon removals , which is by hand or a catch all pole , and dead raccoon removals. Both types of raccoon removals call for an inspection and formulating a plan to remove the raccoon from your property. Both services cost between 100-300 dollars depending on the level of difficulty. Whether its a raccoon in your house , raccoon in your garage , a sick raccoon stuck in your backyard, or a dead raccoon removal somewhere from your property, Active Animal Trapping is the most reasonably priced, as well as customer service oriented raccoon removal service in Long Beach.

Removing Baby Raccoons

 The last form of raccoon removal is known as a raccoon eviction. This is when a mother raccoon will get into your attic or crawlspace and give birth to a litter of kits, or baby raccoons. When it comes to removing baby raccoons in Long Beach, Active Animal Trapping is the least expensive and most thorough when it comes to evicting baby raccoons from attics and crawl spaces. Its normally 300.00 ( 100.00 less than most companies ), and what that includes is me searching the area you are hearing baby raccoons chirping and trilling , locating their nest , spraying an eviction fluid that makes the mother think a male raccoon is present all over the area they are inhabiting, then coming back in 72 hours to seal the access. The eviction fluid actually makes the mother think there is an adult male in the area with her and out of fear she will move her babies 1 by 1 out of the area because male raccoons will destroy the baby raccoons in order to put the mother back in heat. It's a very dirty job but when it comes to removing baby raccoons, Active Animal Trapping gets the job done quickly and efficiently.