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Rodent Control In Los Angeles

There are two types of rats wreaking havoc in the Los Angeles area at night. The Roof Rat ( Grey Rat ) & The Norway Rat ( Brown Rat ). They are destructive pests found in urban and suburban neighborhoods. These rodents eat and contaminate food, damage buildings and other property by their gnawing and burrowing, and may spread diseases that affect people and pets. 


Rodent Inspection

I am experienced and well versed in rodent behavior , and initially when I come out I do a very thorough inspection in order to find out exactly how the rodents are getting into your residence. Sometimes they chew , gnaw and wiggle their way through the most unlikely of places but I have a trained eye for finding things that less experienced people might miss. Armed with this knowledge I am capable of sealing up all necessary areas permanently so that we can stop the flow of rodents into your home and begin the rodent removal.


Rodent Removal

Once all openings and access points are sealed properly , the remaining rodents will be trapped inside of the spaces they are inhabiting. By strategically placing the correct types of traps we can catch the rodents as they starve as a result of being cut off from all food sources. Once their hunger overtakes them , they can't help but walk right into the traps. After a period of doing this , if it is done correctly , you should be free of rodents for good.   

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