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Skunk Removal In Los Angeles

Skunk Removal In Los Angeles

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 Skunks In Los Angeles are a constant issue & Skunks tend to cause major problems for homeowners that can only be solved by true professionals. Over the last few years I have consistently come in contact with homeowners who have problems with skunks. Whether it's dead skunks under their houses, live skunks burrowing under their houses and making dens , skunks digging in and tearing up their new yard , skunks coming through the dog door , or just skunks in general, I have become well versed in solving all your skunk removal problems . It doesn't matter if it's  Skunks in Highland Park , Skunks in Long Beach , Skunks in Pacific Palisades , Skunks in Palos Verdes , Skunks in Manhattan Beach , Skunks in Torrance , Skunks in Downey , or Skunks anywhere else in Los Angeles , I have seen it all when it comes to Skunk Removal & skunk trapping I know how to solve your problem . Another bonus is that since I am an owner / operator , I charge less than most of these other companies and I am able to be more thorough because I'm not in as much of a rush to take care of a bunch of jobs on a daily basis . Trust that Active Animal will take care of all your Skunk Removal needs at the most affordable price of any company you will find for skunk removal services in Los Angeles . 

Skunk Removal Services In Los Angeles

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Humane Skunk Trapping

 Skunk trapping is not the most difficult job out of the different categories of skunk removal . Although setting the trap humanely is . When it comes to skunk trapping a lot of companies just set the traps on the ground and claim to be humane trappers , but unfortunately the department of wildlife regulations clearly state that when you are commercially trapping animals , you must release them within 300 feet or euthanize them . So i try to go above and beyond the other companies attempts at humane skunk trapping . When there is a skunk under your house I actually will come out and do an inspection to make sure that what you're smelling is not a dead skunk , then I will seal all other access points around the house , and ii will fabricate some type of funnel so that when the skunk comes out , it's only choice is to go into the trap . This funnel also creates a barrier for any other animals trying to get underneath the house. That way once the skunk is captured , he can be released within 300 feet and sent along its way with confidence , knowing the skunk can no longer get underneath the home . That is the real definition of humane trapping.  


Dead Skunk Removal

  Dead Skunk Removal can be one of the most difficult skunk removal jobs there is. The picture above was a dead skunk removal in long beach , where the skunk had dug a den under a house in a very tight crawlspace and die deep inside of it . I know this picture doesn't look extremely deep , but i had my arm all the way in the den up to my shoulder , lying on my stomach , with my iphone in my hand , taking pictures trying to locate the dead skunk . Suffice to say , this dead skunk removal was extremely difficult because I had to dig the dead skunk out from under the house lying on my stomach , Normally the signs of a dead skunk under your house are a strong foul lingering skunk odor that just doesn't seem to go away , as well as an overwhelming amount of large flies that appear out of nowhere. When it comes to dead skunk removal in Los Angeles , I do a thorough job of locating and removing the dead skunk for a very reasonable price .   

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Live Skunk Removal

  Live skunk removal would probably be one of the more exciting aspects of my job when it comes to dealing with skunks . Skunks get in all kinds of trouble , and sometimes I am able to remove the skunk on the spot without ever setting a trap for the skunk . Most of the time live skunk removal would call for a catch pole , but I have honed my skunk removal craft to the point where often I am actually able to remove the skunk by hand .Live skunk removal is very beneficial when the skunk is in areas that you need the skunk out of immediately . Whether the skunk enters your house from the dog door , or the skunk gets trapped in your garage , or sometimes gets trapped in places that the skunk can't get out of , I excel at removing skunks on the spot quickly , and at a more reasonable price than the majority of my competitors . I take pride in my ability to remove skunks from my customers houses without overcharging or taking advantage of them .   

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