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When It comes to animal control in Torrance, the city does provide several free services, so always check with them first. If you find yourself with a problem that they don't normally address, Active Animal Trapping is an animal removal company that not only takes pride in their work , but values their relationship within the community . Although we service the entire south bay , Torrance Is one of the cities that we spend a lot of time in . Active Animal Trapping is the premiere animal removal service in Torrance . We have a good relationship with Torrance animal control , and we actually do the best we can to humanely trap the animals that are causing the problems . We provide all types of services in Torrance.

We are also the most reasonably priced animal trapping company in Torrance and we always encourage you to call around and make sure you are getting the best priced , most knowledgeable and friendliest service there is. When it comes to animal removal in Torrance , look no further than Active Animal Trapping 

Animal Trapping In Torrance

When it comes to animal trapping in Torrance look no further than active animal trapping . We are well versed in all the different types of animal trapping needs the people of torrance usually come across . Whether it's skunks under your house , raccoons eating your avocado trees , or opossums living under your deck , If you have an animal that needs to be trapped , then we are the company you're looking for . Unfortunately , a lot of companies advertise humane trapping by inferring that they will go and release the animals elsewhere , but in California it is illegal to relocate wildlife according to state law and the Department of Wildlife code  §465.5 (g)(1). Immediate Dispatch or Release. That's why when I come out to trap nuisance animals , I do my very best to do a thorough inspection and figure out a way to funnel the animals into the trap from the area they are inhabiting , so I can remove them from the problem area , seal the problem area , and make sure they can move along without harming you or your property any longer . That is the only true definition of humane animal trapping. 

Animal Removal Services In Torrance

Although we specialize in animal trapping in Torrance , there are several situations where animals need to be removed and a trap is not necessary .  The main two are dead animal removal , and live animal removal. Sometimes skunks get into your garage , opossums get into your attic, a squirrel gets in your chimney and raccoons even get into your house . These are times that I can come out , locate the animal and remove the animal without ever setting a trap . That is the type of animal removal in Torrance that we call a live animal removal . There are also times where animals get into the tightest and most inconvenient places and die. Whether its a skunk in a den under your house , an opossum beneath your bathtub , or rat somewhere in between your walls , active animal trapping has the knowledge , experience , and ability to locate remove and sanitize the area where the animal has died . These are two forms of animal removal that do not call for traps . No matter what your animal removal need , you wont find a better priced , experienced or friendlier company than Active Animal Trapping in Torrance.