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Animal Removal In Palos Verdes


 When it comes to animal trapping and animal removal in Palos Verdes , Active Animal Trapping specializes in all forms of animal removal , animal trapping , rodent control , gopher control , dead animal removal and more . We are a small , locally owned and operated Animal Removal company , located at the base of Palos Verdes. When it comes to animal removal , we bring you top notch service at a more reasonable price than most other companies you will find.  Whether its skunks under your house , raccoon babies in your attic , raccoons tearing up your yard , opossums coming through your dog door , Skunks spraying your dog, or even skunks spraying you , we have seen it all when it comes to animal removal, and we can solve any animal problem you may have . We specialize in all forms of dead animal removal , live animal removal , opossum removal , opossum trapping , skunk trapping , skunk removal , dead skunk removal , raccoon removal , raccoon trapping , gopher control , gopher removal and much more . Don't hesitate to make Active Animal Trapping your first call to solve your animal removal needs, other companies claim they'll beat any competitors pricing but we don't have to because were already the best priced animal removal company you will find in Palos Verdes . 

Raccoon Removal In Palos Verdes


 Raccoons tend to be a huge problem in Palos Verdes. I've removed raccoons from attics , I've removed raccoons from under houses , I've trapped raccoons living in chimneys , I've evicted raccoons from cavities that the homeowner didn't know existed in their living room that connected to their attic. Believe it or not one couple had raccoons poking their heads out from recessed lighting in their dining room in Rolling Hills. I have dealt time and time again with raccoons coming off of los verdes golf course and destroying the homeowners lawn , making it look like a minefield . I've seen situations where a raccoon has come into a nice lady's house from the balcony and taken up residence atop her china cabinet and i've even removed raccoons that decided to use a customer's jacuzzi as their personal latrine. Suffice to say , raccoons are a problem in palos verdes and Active Animal Trapping is the company that can solve all your raccoon trapping and raccoon removal needs . We are based in San Pedro and can be anywhere in Palos Verdes normally within an hour . There's not a day that goes by that i'm not headed up crenshaw or down hawthorne and it seems like everyday finds me headed home on one of the pv drives . I am local to the Palos Verdes Community , I have experience with all forms of animal removal and animal trapping in Palos Verdes , and when it comes to raccoon removal and raccoon trapping in Palos Verdes , you will not find a more experienced and more reasonably priced company than Active Animal Trapping  

Skunk Removal In Palos Verdes

skunks under house skunk removal skunk trapping

 When it comes to animal removal in Rancho Palos Verdes and Palos Verdes Estates , skunks seem to be everywhere . When it comes to skunk control , skunk trapping and skunk removal in Palos Verdes , look no further than active animal trapping. We have experience with all forms Skunk trapping and skunk removal . Whether it's dead skunks under your house , skunks in our yard tearing up your grass , or even a skunk in your house that might have come through the dog door in the middle of the night , I have seen it all and I know how to solve your problem . A Lot of times you may see skunks out and about in your neighborhood and this shouldn't be a cause for alarm. Palos Verdes is overpopulated with skunks , and if they're not bothering you then its best to just let them be. Its when these skunks find their way into your yard and begin to scavenge for grubs in your grass , or take advantage of an access door left ajar , or realize they can call a tight area under your deck home that its time to call in a professional animal trapper . At Active Animal Trapping in Rancho Palos Verdes we are well versed in all the different types of skunk removal problems , and exactly what is necessary to solve each individual problem .